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Instructor 1

I am a local artist born and raised here in Denver! I have been painting since 2013 and I have a BA in Studio Arts.  My main medium is oil paint, although I dabble in acrylics from time to time.  I love painting large pieces with vibrant, contrasting colors all while exploring the human anatomy. Most of my work is inspired through mere impulse; spontaneous thoughts and ideas rooted from everyday life. I enjoy sharing my gift with others and helping people learn the true art of painting!

Instructor 2

I am a self taught artist born and raised in Colorado. I am a mother of 3 children whom inspire me to challenge my artwork. I have dabbled in many different mediums since I was very young, but, I enjoy acrylics on canvas above all else. I was recently featured in the opening of the Colfax museum. My art is focused on going back to my roots and being able to inspire others to connect through my paintings. I am inspired by natural beauty, women empowerment, and the African culture. My goal is to create art work that makes people ask questions. 

Instructor 3

An emerging visual artist that was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is a former student at MSU Denver where she studied Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. During March of this year, used some art supplies that were a gift to her and started painting to pass time. This was a pivotal moment for her, because the euphoric state that painting created a new spark. That spark is what led her to explore her artistic talent and pour more into her craft. She chooses to paint whatever empowers women, whether that is a woman’s body or painting what symbolizes strength and the emotions they feel. Her paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas and she plans on exploring other mediums like oil and gouache as well. Her main goal is to be able to uplift, heal, and spread love through her art, for helping others is how she fulfills her purpose.

Instructor 4

Local Denver artist and designer. Born and raised in southern California, Life became heavily influenced by hip hop culture and urban LA Street Art.  These memories and exposure to 1990’s animation are huge inspiration for work. In 2012 she flew home from Florence, Italy where she spent 6 months studying both historical and contemporary European Art.  In 2014 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a special focus Studio Fine Art and a minor in Cultural Studies from California State University Bakersfield. The summer of 2014 lead to the unexpected opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado and work in the Lower Downtown Denver Arts District.  Currently in 2017,  

Instructor 5

Fine artist who resides and works in the Denver Metro area. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. Additionally her work has been exhibited in various galleries in Colorado, the Fluxface in Space in Ft. Worth, TX, and internationally with the Book About Death at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MUBE) in San Paulo, Brazil. Her work is also within private collections. Work has been included in publications such as Fusion IV, Christianity and the Arts, Mars Hill Review, and First Fruits – A Compilation of Art.

Works with the ancient media of encaustic (pigmented bee’s wax) as well as with acrylic, oil, graphite, ink, and mixed media. Her past work has integrates found objects such as rusted metal, bones, and various detritus within the medium. Current bodies of work reflects poetry, nature, and times of contemplation and prayer as well as exploring the concept of interstices. The surfaces of her work records the play between textures, subtleties, colors, and contrasts. The mark-making and edges holds significance of the characteristics of the media as well as her creative process.

She holds a Master of Fine Art Degree from Azusa Pacific University and a Bachelors of Fine Art from Colorado State University. has taught as an adjunct instructor at the Community Colleges of Aurora and Denver as well as various art classes and workshops to children and adults.